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Make every bath luxurious and super comfortable with our new Bath Pillows.


Just stick onto your bathtub using its suction caps and fill the bath with your favourite Lather and Bliss products and relax!



- Back and Neck cushioning with a comfortable neck roll for support when reclining

- Soft and Breathable foam and mesh fabric allows for water and air to pass freely

- 6 strong suction caps, 4 on the backrest and 2 on the neckroll

- Hook attached for easy drying

- Machine washable

- Dimensions: 34x36x10cm approx


How to use: Make sure tub is clean and dry. Moisten the suction caps lightly with water and press firmly onto bathtub, readjust if necessary by peeling suction caps off from its edges (don't pull as it may damage pillow) and repeat process. When finished, rinse, squeeze excess water and hang to dry from its hook. Machine washable - use cold water setting.


* Price is for Bath pillow only - accessories and bath products not included.

Bath Pillow

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