If you're looking to try different soaps, our Soap Samples Bundle comes with 5 half bars and a Soap Dish (valued at $28).


We've curated a stack of 5 soaps that have been popular choices with men. If you prefer other scents please choose our "make your own" option.


Soaps include:

1) Choc Mocha - Unscented and Exfoliating

2) Eucalyptus Soother - Decongesting

3) Herb Garden - Fresh and Herbaceous

4) Herbal Remedy -Antiseptic

5) Patchouli and Cedarwood - Earthy and Woody



Soap Base Ingredients: Saponified oils/butters (Olive, Coconut, Rice Bran, Shea Butther and Castor)

*Saponified using Sodium Hydroxide, afer curing no trace remains.

**Please see individual soaps listings for full list of ingredients including Essential Oil scent and colourants

*** Goats Milk, Oats and Honey and Lady Grey contains Goats Milk and Manuka Honey



Soap Samples Bundle for Him